Sugar Steak

Passed down from Joseph Lipsey, Sr. to Richard and Buddy Lipsey

Have butcher cut Center Cut Sirloin in 4-1/2” thick. Trim, but leave some fat on broad side of the steak. Take steak out of the refrigerator 2 hours prior to cooking. In a very large roasting pan, pour 2 pounds of white granulated sugar. Sit steak on top of the layer of sugar. Pour another 1-1/2 to 2 pounds of sugar over the top of the steak. With your hands, scoop sugar and pat on the sides of the steak. (The moisture from the steak will make the sugar adhere.) Let the steak sit approximately 30 minutes. Very gently pick the steak up and respread dry sugar on the bottom of the roasting pan. Turn the steak over and pour remaining sugar in the 5 pound bag over the steak. Once again, use your hands to pat all sides of the steak with sugar.

A Weber kettle-type BBQ pit is the best for cooking steaks. Split a 10-pound bag of charcoal briquettes and lay in the pit. Soak the briquettes with charcoal lighter and start fire. When coals get extremely hot (but not burned down), place grill on lowest level next to fire. Very carefully and gently pick up steak sitting it on grill. Be sure to move your hands quickly as steak will immediately flame. Let the steak flame for 10 minutes. Using two long spatulas, turn as gently as possible and cook for another 10 minutes.

If you have an adjustable grill, pick up approximately 4” higher for the next two cooking times. Turn the steak over and let cook 20-25 minutes on the first side and another 20-25 minutes for the fourth and last time on the other side. Remove steak from the fire and slice like Chateaubriand. Be sure to use a cutting board with a well, as lots of natural juices will flow from the steak.