Oak Grove Quail On Toast

Large, Corning dish or baking pan
6 (or more) quail (cleaned with skin on)
6 (or more) slices of bread with crust removed
Many cloves of peeled garlic
6 (or more) strips of good thick bacon
1 qt. chicken stock
6-8 tablespoons Worchester Sauce
Tony’s and/or salt and pepper
Bacon fat or olive oil
Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Make sure quail are really clean inside the cavity. Season quail with Tony’s and lightly dust with flour. Brown the quail well on both sides in bacon fat or olive oil. Stuff each bird with garlic pod, wrap in a bacon slice and hold together with a toothpick. Please each quail (seasoned) in the baking pan, breast down, and fill dish near top of backs with chicken stock and Worchester sauce. Cover and place in oven for 2 hours.

Toast slices of bread. Place a quail on top of a slice of toast on each plate. (And maybe an extra slice on the other side). Then, spoon plenty of hot gravy over the quail from the pan. Serve with grits and more gravy, and a side of sunny side up eggs. Also can be served for dinner, hot, with wild rice, greens and/or acorn squash.