• Make sure your shotgun is unloaded and the breech is open when entering or leaving the camp.
  • Your shotgun must have a plug limiting your capacity to two shells in the magazine tube and one in the chamber.
  • Bring your hunting license, stamps and driver’s license to the blind.
  • Use only steel shot. Even carrying lead shot in your shell box could result in a serious fine.
  • Alcoholic beverages of any kind are strictly forbidden in the boats and blinds.»Make sure your gun is unloaded and in a case when traveling to and fromblinds.
  • Load your shotgun only when instructed by your guide. Make sure your safety is on “safe”. Your guide will be glad to help you with the loading and safeoperation of your shotgun. Keep the muzzle pointed upward in a safe direction.
  • Make sure your shotgun is unloaded before leaving the blind. Shooting from a moving boat is strictly prohibited.
  • Legal shooting time for each day will be posted on the bulletin board and at the boat landing. Do not fire your shotgun until legal shooting time.
  • Your guide is familiar with the legal limits for ducks and geese. Follow his instructions and adhere strictly to the limit.
  • Be very careful entering and exiting boats and blinds. Use the landing handrails or let the guide assist you. Sit in the boat where instructed by your guide.Standing in a moving boat is prohibited and very dangerous.

Thank you for your cooperation. Your safety is our concern!