A Win(ning) Hunt

Hawkins Knows His Ducks and Hospitality Regional newspaper article written by Jim Kennedy on February, 3rd 1978   There are a number of places in this part of the country that duck hunters think about as being the ultimate. Many regard the flooded pin-oak flats of Arkansas as the best; others say the cyprus lakes ... More

The Adventures of W. W. Hawkins

A seasoned veteran looks back on nearly a century in sporting field, battlefields and oilfields. By Mike Beno The brittle, yellowed clippings read like a script from one of those fuzzy, World War II newsreels. You know the ones. Olive-drab boys march stiff-legged in ultra-fast motion, as Lowell Thomas narrates to a ... More

Pomp Privilege

By Bruce Schultz At first glance, the Oak Grove Hunting Club doesn’t appear to be anything more than a simple white structure like many of the other buildings in Cameron Parish. Even on the inside it’s not swank. But the 64-year-old establishment has been a refuge for the rich and famous. Captains of industry, ... More