Win Hawkins Oak Grove Hunting Club

Welcome to Oak Grove Hunting Club; Below is a video that shows you our camp located at Little Chenier.

Oak Grove Hunting Club is a duck hunting club that has long-time roots in Cameron Parish in Southwest Louisiana.

  • The camp was first established in the 1930's and after Hurricane Audrey hit the coast of Louisiana in June of 1957 a new camp was started in the Oak Grove area of Grand Chenier.   Hurricane Audrey remains the earliest storm of any Atlantic hurricane season to reach Category 4 intensity in the recorded history of the basin. Audrey attained Category 4 strength on June 27. At the time, Audrey was the strongest storm to form prior to August. It held this record for nearly fifty years. Audrey caused catastrophic damage across western Louisiana. In its wake, Audrey left $1 billion in damage and 416 fatalities. At the time period, the devastation from Hurricane Audrey was the worst since the Great New England Hurricane of 1938.

  • In 2005, Hurricane Rita changed Southwest Louisiana; however, it would not be the end of Oak Grove Hunting Club. On November 10, 2007 the new camp at Little Chenier opened and started a new chapter to the history of Louisiana landmark.   Hurricane Rita was the fourth-most intense hurricane ever recorded and the most intense tropical cyclone ever observed in the Gulf of Mexico. Rita caused $11.3 billion in damage on the US Gulf Coast in September 2005. Rita made landfall on September 23 between Sabine Pass and Johnsons Bayou as a Category 3. The storm surge caused extensive damage along the Louisiana and extreme southeastern Texas coasts and destroyed some coastal communities, including the communities of Cameron, Creole and Grand Chenier. The storm killed seven people directly; many others died in evacuations and from indirect effects.  

  • Welcome to the website that will share with you the fellowship and sportsmanship of Louisiana Duck Hunting. This stie is for the Members of Oak Grove and their invited guests. Please enjoy the history of the camp, the building of the new camp on Little Chenier and enjoy the new memories and stories for the next generation of duck hunters and Louisiana Sportsmen.   This site is dedicated to all the friends of Oak Grove that have struggled through Storms Audrey and Rita.